50 years of Standing Up for Freedom

Written by Grant Mills on . Posted in Art, Charity, Society

In 1961 something happened that changed the world. A man’s anger transformed into something more than impotent indignation. His rage found a footing in the hearts of others, it ignited that part of us all that is repulsed by injustice and hurt, it gathered strength that knew no boundaries of state or race.

In 1961 one man’s anger became Amnesty International.

For the last 50 years the anger, empathy and human dignity of millions of supporters has grown the movement into the most important human rights group in the world. It is something that deserves to be know and to be celebrated.

For an article on the topic (incidentally one of my own) please see here.

What I do want to share is a video that was produced by the world-renowned international motion art production company Eallin and music was provided by Hans Zimmer. It’s a beautiful condemnation of the horrors humanity inflicts upon itself and on Amnesty’s role in resisting them.

Support Amnesty where you can.

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