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Yesterday (20th September 2011) the world saw the founding of its newest nation – NowhereIsland.

An ambitious art project by UK artist Alex Hartley, NowhereIsland is a section of an Arctic island that has in the last few years been revealed for the first time by retreating Arctic glaciers. The island segment has been transposed to a barge that is currently making the long trek south to England in time for the 2012 London Olympics.

As of yesterday, NowhereIsland entered international waters and was announced, with the reading of the nation’s own declaration, as the globe’s newest country. You can see the official ceremony here:

[vimeo http://vimeo.com/29328467]

The best description of NowhereIsland is in Alex’s own words:

‘NowhereIsland is established in response to the failure of nation-states to adequately address interconnected global crises, such as environmental exploitation. The island’s territory crossed into international waters north of Svalbard on the 20th of September 2011’

‘NowhereIsland seeks to redefine what a nation can be. NowhereIsland embodies the global potential of a new borderless nation, which offers citizenship to all, a space in which all are welcome and in which all have the right to be heard.

‘NowhereIsland’s constitution is, and will be, cumulative and consensual open to all citizens and subject to change during the nation’s lifetime. NowhereIsland is a displaced nation journeying south in search of its people’

Over the coming year Alex and his team members will involving every one of the nation’s international citizenry to define what NowhereIsland will stand for – it’s laws and morals, flag and anthem etc. Already the citizenry have proudly voted for to call themselves – the citizens of NowhereIsland – Nowherians.

The country will be a nation of its people, Alex has provided the platform but he sincerely hopes that the project will become a completely self-sustaining and self-inspiring movement entirely in the hands of its citizens. With the potential to become the world’s biggest collaborative art project Alex hopes that NowhereIsland will become a representative voice for the whole planet; an example of the best that we can all be.

Become a citizen and get involved at www.nowhereisland.org

The world’s newest country – NowhereIsland

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