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Welcome to the home of Discovery Journalism! My name is Grant and I’m a freelance journalist based in Australia. One Small World will be a hub for my travels, photography and journalistic fancies.

RemakeRemodel-catJust like sitting down to an exotic buffet, One Small World is a tasting plate. The site is a distillation of my work; as a professional freelance journalist and travel writer I supply words and pictures to magazines, newspapers and websites in return for that wonderful source of travelling and food credits: money.

So if you are an editor or publisher looking for quality journalism and photography (and occasionally video) then consider this site a shopping catalogue – it is a casual reflection of the topics I cover and the stories I’ve chased. Any of the topics, places, or cultures I am keen to expand upon and refine for your publication. As such, I would always like to discuss what I can do to tailor my style of journalism to your readers. You can also visit my freelance journalism site for examples of my published work.

And even if you’re not a commissioning editor I hope you’ll enjoy the site just as much as I enjoy putting it together. Please get involved across all my social media, let me know what you think, share ideas, spread the word.

European Bazaar

From March until September 2014 I am off on an ambitious and exciting project to document some of Europe’s strangest festivals.

I will be toe-to-toe at events such as the International Toe Wrestling Championships, up to my neck at Germany’s Mud Olympics and hopping mad at Luxembourg’s Hopping Procession of Echternach. For more information and to see the promotional video, check out the main European Bazaar page.

Download the official European Bazaar Media Pack (<1MB)

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