Week Three of the 2014 One Small World Awards

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Europe’s Most Unmissable Festival

Winner Announced: Monday 24th Nov 2014

One thing I did not expect to discover when I set out on the European Bazaar project was just how many festivals there are out there that people would call bizarre. Even after over a year of researching and six months trekking back and forth across the continent, I’m still having people regale me with events, ceremonies or competitions that :  1) test my credulity and 2) I struggle to believe I’m yet to hear about.

Week Two of the 2014 OSW Awards

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Winner announced: Friday 14th Nov 2014

For millennia humanity has attempted to quantify what makes us human, what separates us from the animals. Philosophers have wasted away in their garrets consumed by the desire to distill the essence of our species down to a single, perfect account.

Splash for Cash for Cancer – The World Water Bombing Championships

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Nothing comes more naturally to kids (well at least boys) than the waterbomb. It seems to engage our most primal desire to make as much mess as possible along with our insuppressible urge to bodily throw ourselves off things. But in a world of No Running, No Splashing, and definitely NO WATERBOMBING, the window of years in which you can find a sneaky moment to waterbomb your friends and get away with it seems to be shrinking.

Peak Food: The crisis of compounding problems

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The topic of Peak Oil was all the rage there for a while and, depending on whom you speak to, it’s either been reached or it hasn’t. Either way our collective eye seems to have moved on from this particular calamity.

Yet it seems that no sooner has one fallen off our radar than another one rears its head: this time the issue of Peak Food.

The Media as a Mirror – Our World Today

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When I set out with this blog I wanted to shine a light on the positive and uplifting stories that I know are out there but that are generally buried under doom, gloom and financial figures. I wasn’t sure if my life was an exception but I was pretty positive that I had no reason to be miserable all the time, I didn’t have to fear for my life at every corner, and my neighbours were actually nice people. Yet this is not what the media was telling me!

A country goes in search of its people…

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Yesterday (20th September 2011) the world saw the founding of its newest nation – NowhereIsland.

An ambitious art project by UK artist Alex Hartley, NowhereIsland is a section of an Arctic island that has in the last few years been revealed for the first time by retreating Arctic glaciers. The island segment has been transposed to a barge that is currently making the long trek south to England in time for the 2012 London Olympics.

50 years of Standing Up for Freedom

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In 1961 something happened that changed the world. A man’s anger transformed into something more than impotent indignation. His rage found a footing in the hearts of others, it ignited that part of us all that is repulsed by injustice and hurt, it gathered strength that knew no boundaries of state or race.

In 1961 one man’s anger became Amnesty International.