Fete des Oeufs and the Strangest Easter Celebrations

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When it comes to strange festivals it’s easy to look beyond the familiar traditions that are the regular timepieces of our own lives. Yet often the weirdest celebrations are right under our furry, pink little noses…

We have all just survived another year it so lets to turn our eye to the Christian calendar’s most important celebration, Easter!

Freaky Festivals – Europe’s Top 10 Strangest Festivals

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Originally published at TheNewDaily.com.au

Bog snorkelling? Hospital bed racing? In 2014 One-Small-World.com goes in search of Europe’s silliest and strangest festivals on a quest to discover why almost every culture loves to court the bizarre.

We humans are an odd bunch at the best of times. Couple that with our love of a party and voila! our own strange tendencies become a cultural occasion.

Peak Food: The crisis of compounding problems

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The topic of Peak Oil was all the rage there for a while and, depending on whom you speak to, it’s either been reached or it hasn’t. Either way our collective eye seems to have moved on from this particular calamity.

Yet it seems that no sooner has one fallen off our radar than another one rears its head: this time the issue of Peak Food.

The World’s Strangest Food Traditions – Stomach Rumblings

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Homosapiens have spread to every corner of the earth, creating a spectrum of cultures of incredible diversity. One of the things that makes the modern world so wonderful is the ease with which we can engage with these cultures via their cuisine, without ever leaving our homes.
But what about the dishes less common, those that only make sense to those that grew up with them? One Small World looks at the strange things the people of the world put in their mouths.