Travel Europe and get paid? Easy, right?! – Guest blog at Modonews

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So what are some of the tricks behind organising a big project as a journalist. Well, I had no idea prior to diving head first into arranging my upcoming European Bazaar festival extravaganza!

I’ve just guest blogged over at Modonews, about some of the things I’ve learnt in the planning. A little glimpse into the goals and the goings-on behind the scenes at One Small World.

Peak Food: The crisis of compounding problems

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The topic of Peak Oil was all the rage there for a while and, depending on whom you speak to, it’s either been reached or it hasn’t. Either way our collective eye seems to have moved on from this particular calamity.

Yet it seems that no sooner has one fallen off our radar than another one rears its head: this time the issue of Peak Food.

Spinning a Profit out of Desert’s Problem Child

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My article as originally published in the NT News on Saturday 16th November

Raise the topic of the government’s feral camel cull with artist and business owner, Helen Durrant and you’ll be met by the bluff honesty of a life-long Territorian – like many passionate people she didn’t get where she is by mincing her words.