Thought Yurts and Think Tents – Philosophy and Music in Hay-on-Wye

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Many British festivals are synonymous with the need to pack your best gumboots/wellies; Glastonbury veterans love to proudly compare the depth of mud they have slogged through for love of music.

What I didn’t expect was for my first mudslide festival to be at the world’s largest philosophy and music event.

How not to be Blown Up, Deafened or Buried by Flaming Rubble at Spain’s Las Fallas

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Las Fallas is the Spanish city of Valencia’s biggest and most outrageous festival. It combines art, fire and literally truckloads of explosives, into what can best be described as barely-contained insanity.

It is fun, irreverent, constantly surprising, and also a little bit dangerous. So to make sure you survive, One Small World has put together a crash course survival guide on how to come out of Las Fallas unscathed.

Empires come and go, but your backyard is Forever

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Once upon a time the world seemed more fluid than it does today. The borders of countries waxed and waned with their fortunes; nations winked into (and then out of) existence in the blink of a historian’s proverbial eye.

Yet these days we look at our maps and such things feel far more fixed. With the exception of an East/West Germany here, and a post-Soviet ‘Stan there, it hardly seems like the borders on our modern globes have changed very much. Yet you would be very wrong to assume so…

Top 10: History’s Strangest Micronations

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What is a country? Why is it that kings and queens have more right to lay claim to land and sea than you or I do? Yet there is an alternative globe of the world, one that not only includes ‘macro-nations’ such as Australia and the US, but also the ‘micronations’ of the world, like Molossia or the Grand Duchy of Avram.

Spinning a Profit out of Desert’s Problem Child

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My article as originally published in the NT News on Saturday 16th November

Raise the topic of the government’s feral camel cull with artist and business owner, Helen Durrant and you’ll be met by the bluff honesty of a life-long Territorian – like many passionate people she didn’t get where she is by mincing her words.