European Bazaar


In Search of Europe’s Strangest Festivals

In 2014 One Small World sets out on an ambitious adventure to discover almost 30 of Europe’s weirdest and wackiest festivals and celebrations located in some of Europe’s most picturesque locations. And, best of all, I’ll be reporting back from each and every one!

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Festivals are in our blood; they bring us together and dissolve our differences.

Most importantly, festivals ignite our imagination. Watch the video above for a taste of European Bazaar.


For 6 months – from March to Sept 2014 – I will be writing my way across the patchwork of Europe, looking to supply editors and their publications with exciting, unique stories and exclusive photography, personally tailored to your readers’ wants.

From Mountain Bike Bog Snorkelling in Wales to the Mud Olympics in Germany, from the UNESCO Heritage Hopping Procession of Echternach to the pirate invasion festival of Es Firo on Majorca, I’ll be experiencing these celebrations first hand. I’ll also be immersing myself in the cultures and the histories that gave these bizarre festivals birth, seeking those unique perspectives on the people and the places that makes for great reading.

Alongside entertaining and in-depth articles I’ll be producing professional-quality photography (and even taking the odd video or two) in order to offer editors the cross-platform, integrated, social-media-engaged product that modern readers demand.

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From hotel and location reviews to extended features on the strange personalities that bring these oddball events to life, my expertise extends from interview journalism to evocative travel writing and beyond.

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