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European Bazaar is intended as a unique opportunity for publications, offering the change to specifically tailor a full suite of content supported by the social media interconnectivity required in modern publishing. Whether you coordinate content for online or print, or would like material for TV or Radio, One Small World is keen to discuss your options and requirements.

See the One Small World blog or my professional freelancing website for examples of my work.

carneval-139252_1280The topic of bizarre festivals is of almost universal interest to readers, combining the excitement of travel, the quirkiness of the human story, and the wonder of discovery. I’m confident that within European Bazaar, there is multiple stories to suit every publication. See below for ideas and contact me to discuss what it is that your readers want.

For each of the events I’ll be able to supply specifically written articles, professional level photography and even short videos, as well as providing a social media platform through Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr etc to give that extra punch to your magazine’s social media outreach.

The website will be growing and evolving with the addition of new events and unique story angles so stay tuned!

Want content?

Exclusive opportunities:

The evolving narrative (Column):  Would your readers benefit from a regular European Bazaar column, offering them the evolving narrative that will keep them coming back for more?  One Small World is offering the chance to have exclusive rights to a regular submission from a journalist on the road in search of the people and the stories behind some of the world’s strangest celebrations.

Exclusive photography or video:  Take the chance to secure exclusive images or video suitable to your publication’s needs. Do your print audience lap up your magazine and still want more? Then consider unique online assets to help drive people to your website and keep them there. Or really spice up an online article with exclusive photo-galleries or video. Contact me early to ensure that you get everything you need to take your readers on the adventure they are looking for.

Tailored content:

woman-50901_1280Travel Writing: Does your audience like to feel the wind in their hair, do they like to hear the swelling roar of the crowd? Put your readers in the box seat with  evocative and detailed feature length travel photojournalism. All additional information, such as accommodation options, how to get there etc all available upon request.

Or consider a creative package: Would an article on Edinburgh’s mischievous Beltane festival be complemented by a lively appraisal of a local whiskey tour, or a hotel review in Edinburgh’s gorgeous Old Town? The possibilities are endless.

Interview Journalism: The Valencian festival of Las Fallas is one of Europe’s most remarkable celebrations but there are many locals reacting against the festival. Why do they object, and who are the people leading a return to a smaller, more traditional celebration?

Are your readers intrigued by the people behind the masks; do they like to feel the undercurrent of the cultures they visit? With a long history of freelancing One Small World is experienced in Interview Journalism, exploring the topics beneath the surface. Contact me to discuss your publication’s style and ideas.

‘Best of’ Articles: Want to cover the best of the UK’s oddball summer festivals? Or a ‘Best of’ Europe’s strangest sports? No worries!

‘Top’ Lists: ‘Top 5 ways to get dirty in Europe’, ‘Top 5 amusing ways to injure yourself at England’s Cheese-rolling festival’…We humans can’t help but read a list, and list articles are no exception. Grab your readers by the eyeballs!

Individually tailored articles: Do you have a niche that needs scratching, an article idea you’d like to experiment with? Contact me to discuss tailoring content to any publication, style or length. Anything is Possible.

Think Outside the Box – The Complete Package:

Opportunity Knocks: From March until late September 2014, One Small World will be reporting back from Western Europe. Do you have a location, attraction, event or hotel that you’ve been dying to cover? Let me know and I’ll be able to provide the exclusive content you require.

Mix and match content: Would a feature article on a strange festival benefit from an accompanying piece highlighting a local restaurant, hotel or cultural idiosyncrasy? Would your readers like to find out where the locals drink when they are not out Mountain Bike Bog Snorkelling? Would they like a profile on one of the people that makes these bizarre events so memorable?

European Bazaar offers up the chance to build a complete suite of content that supports and reinforces each other. So think outside the box and ask yourself whether a package of two or even three pieces are what’s required to give your readers the immersive experience they expect?

The Force of Social Media:

man-142491_1280The European Bazaar project will be connecting with the world via a host of social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr. This offers a level of connectivity popular with today’s readers.

And likewise with promotion across One Small World‘s social media spheres, I hope to be another element in your global social media exposure.

When to enquire:

The best time to enquire is always: now! By discussing what festivals you would like to cover prior to the event, it ensures that I can fulfil the content you require, get the interviews you need and take the photos that suit your magazine’s style. So it’s never too soon (or too late) to contact me with an enquiry.

Transparency is important:

Honesty, Openness and Transparency:  At One Small World we value integrity and transparency. Editors can be sure that the content they are purchasing will be original and I’m committed to ensuring that any commissioning editors are aware of where any of the material may have appeared previously. I will not be taking multiple commissions on similar topics from magazines whose circulations might overlap, in order to ensure that every editor receives the exclusive content they commission.

I am committed to giving every editor tailored content, delivered on time.

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