Global Renewable Energy output exceeds that of Nuclear for the first time ever

Written by Grant Mills on . Posted in Nature, Science

25 years ago it was Chernobyl, today – as if celebrating that anniversary – it’s Fukushima.

But a new report from the WorldWatch Insititute now shows that for the first time energy output from renewable energies such as wind, solar and biomass set-ups, has exceeded the global output of nuclear energy.

The world has an astounding 437 nuclear reactors but even before Fukushima the report shows that this number has been declining. The Fukushima disaster is expected to make the initiation of new reactors, and the extension of life of existing reactors, much harder.

“The industry was arguably on life support before Fukushima. When the history of the nuclear industry is written, Fukushima is likely to begin its final chapter,” said Mycle Schneider, lead author of the new report

Read the full story here or read the report

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