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My goal is to make this website a hub for my journalism extras, travel writing and photography, all delivered to you in neat, fun packages; the blogging yin to my freelance yang.

In the next couple of days I’ll be beginning my Headlines series, tasty video morsels of the news you might have missed, all done and dusted in just a few minutes.

As a journalist’s blog, I probably won’t be blogging about what I had for breakfast (unless it was of international significance) so expect science, politics and travel destinations under the spotlight.

And all this will be leading to a major adventure that I’ll be announcing in the coming months – one for which I’m going to need your support.

But why wait until then!? Support One Small World now, the easiest way being to get involved on social media!

First and foremost, ‘Like’ One Small World on Facebook, to stay in touch with updates and make me look popular.

If you’re one of the Twitter-ati: @OSWjournalism

Follow the website or RSS Feed if you’ve got WordPress or Google Reader.

If you like pretty pictures, the vast majority of my pictures will be going up on Flickr:

However you engage with the digital world, there is hopefully an avenue for you to be included. So be a part of One Small World, share ideas, let me know what you think, make suggestions.

The future’s an exciting place.

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