Random Ramblings in Switzerland and Italy

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As One Small World racks up the kilometres in search of Europe’s weirdest festivals, I’ve been lucky to come across many wonderful places on the road. And just like each of us have our idiosyncrasies, inexplicable sillinesses, and definite sense of self, so too do the places that we inhabit.

Whether intentional or not, we overlay little parts of ourselves on the world around us, touches of humour or sincerity that remain and that change the experiences for everyone that follows.

So here is a small gallery of two places that piqued my interest and on which people had left an indelible mark. One is the Chateau de Valangin, a tiny little ruined castle along a snaking road in Switzerland that seems to only be inhabited by stone gargoyles sculptures of all shapes and sizes.

And the other is Florence and an artist or artists’ effort to transform the city’s streetsigns and that gave me real joy to discover as we wandered around the city.

The magic of both is that they inspired me to open my eyes to subtleties I would have otherwise missed.

Click on any of the images to view the full gallery! 

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