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Travel Europe and get paid? Easy, right?! – Guest blog at Modonews

Written by Grant Mills on . Posted in European Bazaar, Festivals, Frontpage Blog, Media, News

So what are some of the tricks behind organising a big project as a journalist. Well, I had no idea prior to diving head first into arranging my upcoming European Bazaar festival extravaganza!

I’ve just guest blogged over at Modonews, about some of the things I’ve learnt in the planning. A little glimpse into the goals and the goings-on behind the scenes at One Small World.

Creative Cool – Renew Adelaide

Written by Grant Mills on . Posted in Art, News, Society

What makes a city ‘cool’? How does concrete and asphalt become instilled with the intangible?

Australia’s east coast cities have all carved their popular niches, buoyed by larger population and historical influence; Brissy, the sun-kissed layabouts, untouched by unnecessary worries; Sydney, fast times of the rich and famous; Melbourne, poetry in a bar with no door down an alley that doesn’t have a name.

The Science of Dance

Written by Grant Mills on . Posted in Science

We humans were made to dance. For countless animals what we would term ‘dance’ fulfils a role in courting and mating rituals, you might even say that some dance in displays of fear or ferocity, but no other animal that I can think of dances for the sheer pleasure of doing so.