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Top 5 Free Things To Do During The Adelaide Fringe

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While the Edinburgh Fringe is the undisputed king of arts festivals, on the far side of the world the Australian city of Adelaide is home to its sister festival, The Adelaide Fringe, proudly the southern hemisphere’s largest arts festival.

I’ve been lucky enough to live in both Edinburgh and Adelaide, and have deliriously immersed myself in both festivals. While alike, there are some significant differences.

Week Two of the 2014 OSW Awards

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Winner announced: Friday 14th Nov 2014

For millennia humanity has attempted to quantify what makes us human, what separates us from the animals. Philosophers have wasted away in their garrets consumed by the desire to distill the essence of our species down to a single, perfect account.

The Compass Cup – The Udder Strange Festival

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In March this year One Small World will be heading off to discover Europe’s strangest festivals. Yet how could it be appropriate to look beyond the borders of my own country without having first turned a critical eye on Australia’s own taste for the strange…?

In a country that loves to build large-scale pseudo-shrines to its endemic animals (see The Big Merino, The Big Lobster etc) it’s probably no surprise that Australians have devoted one of their strangest cultural events to our favourite adopted animal; the cow.