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BYO Shotgun (Part 1) : A Little Patch of Paradise

Written by Grant Mills on . Posted in City Guides, European Bazaar, Festivals, History, Nature, Society, Travel

I do have to admit a certain closed-mindedness when it comes to notorious party-island destinations. I’ve always been unenthused by the tales I’ve heard from Bali (or Aus-Bali-a as it could otherwise be known), I found few redeeming features in Corfu and please get my head examined if I ever mention Ibiza as a possible destination.

Wormston Churchill vs Kaiser Wormhelm – The First Worm War at Blackawton’s Festival of Wormcharming

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Well here we are: 7 festivals down, and over 20 yet to go in European Bazaar. But already we have a clear front-runner for the best and most bizarre festival in the One Small World Awards! Will anyone be able to eclipse the friendly lunacy of Blackawton’s International Festival of Wormcharming?

Peak Food: The crisis of compounding problems

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The topic of Peak Oil was all the rage there for a while and, depending on whom you speak to, it’s either been reached or it hasn’t. Either way our collective eye seems to have moved on from this particular calamity.

Yet it seems that no sooner has one fallen off our radar than another one rears its head: this time the issue of Peak Food.