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Empires come and go, but your backyard is Forever

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Once upon a time the world seemed more fluid than it does today. The borders of countries waxed and waned with their fortunes; nations winked into (and then out of) existence in the blink of a historian’s proverbial eye.

Yet these days we look at our maps and such things feel far more fixed. With the exception of an East/West Germany here, and a post-Soviet ‘Stan there, it hardly seems like the borders on our modern globes have changed very much. Yet you would be very wrong to assume so…

Top 10: History’s Strangest Micronations

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What is a country? Why is it that kings and queens have more right to lay claim to land and sea than you or I do? Yet there is an alternative globe of the world, one that not only includes ‘macro-nations’ such as Australia and the US, but also the ‘micronations’ of the world, like Molossia or the Grand Duchy of Avram.

A country goes in search of its people…

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Yesterday (20th September 2011) the world saw the founding of its newest nation – NowhereIsland.

An ambitious art project by UK artist Alex Hartley, NowhereIsland is a section of an Arctic island that has in the last few years been revealed for the first time by retreating Arctic glaciers. The island segment has been transposed to a barge that is currently making the long trek south to England in time for the 2012 London Olympics.