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Week Three of the 2014 One Small World Awards

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Europe’s Most Unmissable Festival

Winner Announced: Monday 24th Nov 2014

One thing I did not expect to discover when I set out on the European Bazaar project was just how many festivals there are out there that people would call bizarre. Even after over a year of researching and six months trekking back and forth across the continent, I’m still having people regale me with events, ceremonies or competitions that :  1) test my credulity and 2) I struggle to believe I’m yet to hear about.

Stoners and Old Tossers – The Welsh Stone Skimming Championships

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‘Problem is that all the best stones you’ve had, you’ve thrown away…” – Ron, back-to-back ‘Old Tosser’

I’ve always had a soft spot for Wales. The very same rain that sheeted through the streets and turned to mud underfoot while I was at the HowTheLightGetsIn festival, was the very same that made my onward trip deeper into the heart of Wales the most enjoyable drive of the trip so far.

The Compass Cup – The Udder Strange Festival

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In March this year One Small World will be heading off to discover Europe’s strangest festivals. Yet how could it be appropriate to look beyond the borders of my own country without having first turned a critical eye on Australia’s own taste for the strange…?

In a country that loves to build large-scale pseudo-shrines to its endemic animals (see The Big Merino, The Big Lobster etc) it’s probably no surprise that Australians have devoted one of their strangest cultural events to our favourite adopted animal; the cow.

The Places that we Forgot – A Legacy of Ghosts

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One of the defining characteristics of humanity is our need for fuel beyond our basic requirements of food, water and sunshine. Our ability to utilise fuel underpins everything from the cars we drive to the food we eat. If the lights went out and our factories became silent the world as we know it would grind to a standstill.