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Empires come and go, but your backyard is Forever

Written by Grant Mills on . Posted in Art, History, Home, Politics, Society

Once upon a time the world seemed more fluid than it does today. The borders of countries waxed and waned with their fortunes; nations winked into (and then out of) existence in the blink of a historian’s proverbial eye.

Yet these days we look at our maps and such things feel far more fixed. With the exception of an East/West Germany here, and a post-Soviet ‘Stan there, it hardly seems like the borders on our modern globes have changed very much. Yet you would be very wrong to assume so…

Selling the furniture – Privatising Australia

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With the incoming Abbot government came a promise of a Commission of Audit – a wide-ranging assessment of Government assets – ostensibly to fulfil their electoral promise on cutting down on wasteful government expenditure.

(Anyone that had their ears open to Joe Hockey prior to the election would not have missed his constant bleating over the Labor Government spending $180,000 on studying ergonomic chairs – a number that was in fact wrong by several magnitudes, according to the Department of Human Services – but let’s not get caught up on that.)