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Empires come and go, but your backyard is Forever

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Once upon a time the world seemed more fluid than it does today. The borders of countries waxed and waned with their fortunes; nations winked into (and then out of) existence in the blink of a historian’s proverbial eye.

Yet these days we look at our maps and such things feel far more fixed. With the exception of an East/West Germany here, and a post-Soviet ‘Stan there, it hardly seems like the borders on our modern globes have changed very much. Yet you would be very wrong to assume so…

Creative Cool – Renew Adelaide

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What makes a city ‘cool’? How does concrete and asphalt become instilled with the intangible?

Australia’s east coast cities have all carved their popular niches, buoyed by larger population and historical influence; Brissy, the sun-kissed layabouts, untouched by unnecessary worries; Sydney, fast times of the rich and famous; Melbourne, poetry in a bar with no door down an alley that doesn’t have a name.

Remake/Remodel – Hand-making Change

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It’s amazing how one little place is able to change your image of an entire area.

As most of you will know I’ve been living in Adelaide for a few years now, yet in that time I’ve had very little cause to visit the suburb/hamlet/urban-sprawl-subsumed-community of Port Adelaide.

I guess the associations I had toward it derived from my general perception of port towns – grimy, depressing vestiges of an age I have no inclination to romanticise – all shored up my actual experiences of Port Adelaide as a grimy, depressing vestige of an age I have no inclination to romanticise.