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Fire, Frenzy and Neo-Pagan G-Strings – Scotland’s Beltane

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On the very outskirts of Edinburgh, commanding stunning views across Scotland’s ruggedly beautiful capital, sits Calton Hill. Here exposed to the elements, in full view of the turning seasons, a battle is about to take place in a faerie world where passion and purity are manifest. Tonight someone will die and be reborn – welcome to the lust and loincloths of Scotland’s Beltane festival.

Dancing Dicks and Tomtit’s Bottom – The A to Z of the UK’s most Hilarious Towns

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One of the great pleasures of exploring the UK is found down the narrow, winding, hedgerow-lined lanes that run like capillaries through the lush, pastoral landscape. Travel down the UK’s ubiquitous B-roads for long enough and you’ll undoubtedly be given cause for a double-take, wondering whether that sign post did in fact point the way to ‘Brown Willy’ or whether you’d misread it.