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BYO Shotgun (Part 2) – Hide Your Hats; The Pirates are coming! Es Firo in Mallorca

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If there’s been a common theme thus far with the Spanish festivals of European Bazaar, it has been the definite need of earplugs.

In March, at Valencia’s Las Fallas, it was the likelihood of having your eardrums popped like bubblegum by your close proximity to any one of a million fireworks. At the Mallorcan festival of Es Firo it’s probably going to be because there is a man dressed as a pirate and he appears to have bought his own shotgun to the festival…BOOM…

And that is only the beginning of the craziness.

BYO Shotgun (Part 1) : A Little Patch of Paradise

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I do have to admit a certain closed-mindedness when it comes to notorious party-island destinations. I’ve always been unenthused by the tales I’ve heard from Bali (or Aus-Bali-a as it could otherwise be known), I found few redeeming features in Corfu and please get my head examined if I ever mention Ibiza as a possible destination.

How not to be Blown Up, Deafened or Buried by Flaming Rubble at Spain’s Las Fallas

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Las Fallas is the Spanish city of Valencia’s biggest and most outrageous festival. It combines art, fire and literally truckloads of explosives, into what can best be described as barely-contained insanity.

It is fun, irreverent, constantly surprising, and also a little bit dangerous. So to make sure you survive, One Small World has put together a crash course survival guide on how to come out of Las Fallas unscathed.