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Week One of the 2014 OSW Awards

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Winner announced: Wednesday 5th Nov 2014

Scratch Europe’s distinguished surface and underneath you’re likely to find a sequined spandex jumpsuit. For all its pomposity, ceremony and history Europe is a vast petri dish of cultures, each bubbling with their own subversive predilections.

Tweed and the Face Weasel – Surrealist sports at the Chap Olympiad

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‘And I’m disqualifying that team for an Americanish display of mutual congratulation – the High Five. Sirs, you should know better.’ – Judge, MC, and executioner.

The Chap Olympiad is a strange place to discover a revolution. It is also likely the only festival that you’ll hear the exclamation, ‘Syphilis? Marvelous!’ from a man wearing a dead bat as a broach.

Gioco del Ponte – Pisa Makes War not Love at the Battle of the Bridge.

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40 huge, sweating men are panting with the strain; some are pulling faces like demonic gargoyles due to the searing pain in their bulging thigh muscles. For these men – these two teams of twenty – to win is to taste glory; to lose is to have ruined a good pair of shoes. This is the momentus Gioco del Ponte, the Game of the Bridge.