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Stoners and Old Tossers – The Welsh Stone Skimming Championships

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‘Problem is that all the best stones you’ve had, you’ve thrown away…” – Ron, back-to-back ‘Old Tosser’

I’ve always had a soft spot for Wales. The very same rain that sheeted through the streets and turned to mud underfoot while I was at the HowTheLightGetsIn festival, was the very same that made my onward trip deeper into the heart of Wales the most enjoyable drive of the trip so far.

Thought Yurts and Think Tents – Philosophy and Music in Hay-on-Wye

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Many British festivals are synonymous with the need to pack your best gumboots/wellies; Glastonbury veterans love to proudly compare the depth of mud they have slogged through for love of music.

What I didn’t expect was for my first mudslide festival to be at the world’s largest philosophy and music event.

Dancing Dicks and Tomtit’s Bottom – The A to Z of the UK’s most Hilarious Towns

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One of the great pleasures of exploring the UK is found down the narrow, winding, hedgerow-lined lanes that run like capillaries through the lush, pastoral landscape. Travel down the UK’s ubiquitous B-roads for long enough and you’ll undoubtedly be given cause for a double-take, wondering whether that sign post did in fact point the way to ‘Brown Willy’ or whether you’d misread it.