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Mud Olympics-14

Mud, Sweat and Beers – Germany’s Mud Olympics

Written by Grant Mills on . Posted in European Bazaar, Festivals, Nature, Society, Travel

Driving north we are on the upward span of a long, arching bridge. Up ahead the girders of the bridge, set against the monotone grey-blue sky, make it look as if we are driving towards a door in the firmament, opening into a hazy Great Beyond.

It’s not too far from the truth. As we crest the bridge we can once again see over the pastures and fields of windmills that seem to roll on forever. The far north of Germany is almost as far into the Great Beyond as you can get and still be in continental Europe. The weather looks menacing but we’re heading to a festival where a little rain really won’t hurt anybody – Germany’s Wattolümpiade, the Mud Olympics.


Everything is (STR)AWesome – Durrow Scarecrow Festival

Written by Grant Mills on . Posted in Art, European Bazaar, Festivals, Home, Photography, Society, Travel

The European Bazaar project has now been underway for 4 months. Sadly it has been set against the distressing backdrop of the twin Malaysia disasters, the international apathy toward the massacres in Gaza and the political collateral damage of the war in the Ukraine.

And it’s times like these that it is is easy to forget that we do know how to be nice to one another.

That’s why I can now tell you that if your faith in humanity is getting a little thin, then you need to visit a little scarecrow festival in the heart of Ireland.

Chap Olympics-35

Tweed and the Face Weasel – Surrealists sports at the Chap Olympiad

Written by Grant Mills on . Posted in Art, European Bazaar, Festivals, History, Photography, Society, Travel

‘And I’m disqualifying that team for an Americanish display of mutual congratulation – the High Five. Sirs, you should know better.’ – Judge, MC, and executioner.

The Chap Olympiad is a strange place to discover a revolution. It is also likely the only festival that you’ll hear the exclamation, ‘Syphilis? Marvelous!’ from a man wearing a dead bat as a broach.


Beautifully Bizarre – The Warped World of Bodypainting

Written by Grant Mills on . Posted in Art, European Bazaar, Festivals, Media, Travel

The guy in the corner of the bar has a gaping headwound. It looks as if someone has only recently removed the axe. Yet even so, he’s chatting happily with his wife – cupping her hand in his – and with two others people at the table. This would probably seem strange under normal circumstances but the fact is that things are going to get a hell of a lot stranger over the course of the next week in this little Austrian town. Our axe-attack victim was no doubt a model for this afternoon’s prosthetics workshop and I’m having my mind blown at the World Bodypainting Festival.

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