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Dancing Dicks and Tomtit’s Bottom – The A to Z of the UK’s most Hilarious Towns

Written by Grant Mills on . Posted in European Bazaar, History, Society, Top List, Travel

One of the great pleasures of exploring the UK is found down the narrow, winding, hedgerow-lined lanes that run like capillaries through the lush, pastoral landscape. Travel down the UK’s ubiquitous B-roads for long enough and you’ll undoubtedly be given cause for a double-take, wondering whether that sign post did in fact point the way to ‘Brown Willy’ or whether you’d misread it.

Las Fallas blog-6

How not to be Blown Up, Deafened or Buried by Flaming Rubble at Spain’s Las Fallas

Written by Grant Mills on . Posted in Art, European Bazaar, Festivals, Politics, Religion, Society, Travel

Las Fallas is the Spanish city of Valencia’s biggest and most outrageous festival. It combines art, fire and literally truckloads of explosives, into what can best be described as barely-contained insanity.

It is fun, irreverent, constantly surprising, and also a little bit dangerous. So to make sure you survive, One Small World has put together a crash course survival guide on how to come out of Las Fallas unscathed.


Freaky Festivals – Europe’s Top 10 Strangest Festivals

Written by Grant Mills on . Posted in European Bazaar, Festivals, Food, History, Religion, Society, Top List, Travel

Originally published at TheNewDaily.com.au

Bog snorkelling? Hospital bed racing? In 2014 One-Small-World.com goes in search of Europe’s silliest and strangest festivals on a quest to discover why almost every culture loves to court the bizarre.

We humans are an odd bunch at the best of times. Couple that with our love of a party and voila! our own strange tendencies become a cultural occasion.

Credit: Greenoid/Flickr

Travel Europe and get paid? Easy, right?! – Guest blog at Modonews

Written by Grant Mills on . Posted in European Bazaar, Festivals, Frontpage Blog, Media, News

So what are some of the tricks behind organising a big project as a journalist. Well, I had no idea prior to diving head first into arranging my upcoming European Bazaar festival extravaganza!

I’ve just guest blogged over at Modonews, about some of the things I’ve learnt in the planning. A little glimpse into the goals and the goings-on behind the scenes at One Small World.

Compass Cup 2014-20

The Compass Cup – The Udder Strange Festival

Written by Grant Mills on . Posted in European Bazaar, Photography, Society, Travel

In March this year One Small World will be heading off to discover Europe’s strangest festivals. Yet how could it be appropriate to look beyond the borders of my own country without having first turned a critical eye on Australia’s own taste for the strange…?

In a country that loves to build large-scale pseudo-shrines to its endemic animals (see The Big Merino, The Big Lobster etc) it’s probably no surprise that Australians have devoted one of their strangest cultural events to our favourite adopted animal; the cow.

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